• Our Mission: "We are an organization that supports our business community. We provide resources for our members to stimulate their growth and make our community a better place to conduct business".

  • Our Vision: " The Chamber is a recognizable and sought after resource for businesses in the New Berlin Community"



                                              Advancing the Value of Business

                                                    & Community Since 1959


  • What is the New Berlin Chamber of Commerce?

    The New Berlin Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau is a non-stock, non-profit 501 (c) (6) corporation. It was incorporated in 1959 to further the interests of business and economic development in the city of New Berlin and the surrounding areas. Representing more than 200 businesses, it is a membership-based organization that derives its income from annual dues paid by members and various non-dues related fundraising activities.

    The purpose of the Chamber, as stated in its Bylaws, is to advance the commercial, industrial, agricultural, educational, professional, and civic interests of the community; to interest itself in legislation and administration of the community; to inform the public as to successful commercial, industrial, agricultural and educational expansion; all for the general interest and benefit of the community. It's interesting to note that the founders of the Chamber had the foresight  to include the conservation of natural resources and the development of recreational facilities for the city in the Chamber Bylaws back in 1959.

    The Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau is not a governmental body or institution. However, the Chamber may lobby in an effort to develop legislation that is favorable to local business and economic development efforts. The New Berlin Chamber works on the local level to bring the business community together developing strong local networks and promoting a dynamic local business to business exchange.

    The New Berlin chamber works with the Waukesha County Business Alliance and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Association on business issues at the county and state levels. We also work with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to represent local businesses at the national level while keeping members informed of important legislative issues at all levels of government.

    The New Berlin Chamber is governed by a board of directors (not to exceed a total of 18) elected by the general membership annually. Directors serve for a three-year term and receive no salary for their services. The Chamber has a paid Executive Director that reports to the Board. The members of the board elect officers including President, President Elect, Vice President and Treasurer. Additionally, there are three (3) ex-officio (non-voting) board members consisting of the Mayor of New Berlin, the Superintendent of the New Berlin School district, and a Community Relations Officer from the New Berlin Police Department. There is also one (1) citizen representative on the board.

    The board meets monthly to conduct and plan the business and program of work for the Chamber. The Chamber holds quarterly general membership meetings to keep its members informed of the status and activities of the Chamber. The Chamber has both standing and ad hoc committees staffed with board members and general members to assist in carrying out the Chamber's responsibilities.

    Throughout the year the Chamber hosts a variety of programs, seminars and activities. These inform, educate and promote Chamber members, as well as promote the value of the business community and the city to the residents at large.