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  • Velvac Inc


    Industrial Manufacturers

    About Us

    Velvac is a leading manufacturer and supplier of components to the truck, recreational and specialty vehicle industries. With a product offering that includes over 3,000 different component parts in seven broad categories, Velvac strives to meet the diverse needs of all its customers.
    Customer Service Second to None
    Velvac's commitment to customer service sets us apart from our industry peers. Velvac provides friendly, prompt responses to all customers' needs. Our dedicated, experienced inside sales group supplies complete and knowledgeable technical support.
    Quality and Integrity Since 1934
    Velvac continually upgrades and expands its operations and quality systems to improve customer satisfaction and the reliability of its product line. Couple that with the written guarantee behind every component we offer, and you sum up the ideals Velvac stands for.

    Call Toll Free: 800-783-8871


    • Trucking Industry
    • Recreational Vehicle Industry
    • Specialty Vehicle Industry
    • Quality and Integrity Since 1934


    Air Products
    Electrical Products
    Hose Support Products and Accessories
    Fittings and Hardware
    Fuel System Products
    Retail Merchandising